Welcome to our class website:^)

This site will act as an organizational tool for you to check into each day or week. It will help you stay caught up on what is going on in class and provide you with cool links for websites related to science. 

Our website contains useful information such as the Syllabus and the Student Safety Contract. You can also access topics covered in class, homework, and announcements.  

Please know that this website is a resource and not a substitute for coming to class each day. Attendance is still necessary for you to be the most successful student possible.






Each student has been given a composition notebook to set up with the necessary documents or assignments from class. These  notebooks contain a student's Cornell Notes, Class Work/Homework, Labs/Activities, and Quizzes/Exams.

Interactive Notebooks are put together by students and chronicle the work we do as part of our curriculum. These books focus on one specific class and may be used by students as references during quizzes and exams. 

Inside the front cover of the Interactive Notebook the students have stapled their Syllabus for easy reference.

Pages 1-3 contain Assignment Logs, which students can complete to help them stay organized and can find their completed work easily.

Pages 190-200 contain an Appendix with examples/instructions for such skills as Cornell Notes, Socratic Seminars, and pertinent formulas or diagrams they will need to learn to use.

The remaining pages in the Interactive Notebook will be filled with student work as it is completed in class. Students have been allocated time during class to make sure their Interactive Notebooks are being compiled and are in order.

I encourage parents/guardians to ask their student to see his or her Interactive Notebook at least once a week, so they can see the wonderful topics and information we cover in class.

Colored Folders


Each student has a colored folder for the readings handed out in class. These readings are assigned to help students see connections between what they are studying and how it applies in the real world.

The readings given to students should have each paragraph numbered and unfamiliar words highlighted/defined.

Any questions that come to mind as students read their articles should be placed in the margin of the article.

Articles may be used for Socratic Seminars and to provide students opportunities to practice their writing skills via responses or comprehension exercises.